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  • To Fat Lady Seen From The Train
    Critique of Francis Cornfords triolet To a Fat Lady Seen from a Train with notes on the triolet form and links. From The Wondering Minstrels Poetry Anthology. ...
  • Thomas Hardy
    The one of many Hardy triolets on the DayPoems Poetry Collection. ...
  • Poetry Form
    How to write a Triolet: Description and explanation of the Triolet, a poetry form from France. ...
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  • The Shining
    The triolet, as a poetic form, is French in origin; it is composed of eight lines, only two of which rhyme. The compositionscheme is as follows: A B a A a b A B a capital letter represents a repeated line. It would seem that the simplicity of the for ...
  • Les Prunes
    The web archive of texts to over 67,000 Lieder and other classical vocal pieces in sixty languages with over eight thousand translations to English, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Spanish, and other languages. ...
  • The Poetic Form Triolet
    The triolet is a short poem of eight lines with only two rhymes used throughout. The requirements of this fixed form are straightforward: the first line is repeated in the fourth and seventh lines; the second line is repeated in the final line; and o ...
  • Triolet Challenge
    In the continual effort of MIT to promote artistic abilities, students in Steve Wards sections were invited to submit, as a weekly writing assignment, a triolet in lieu of the 1page writeup. The triolet did not have to address the specific question o ...
  • Personality Quiz
    A triolet that describes the personality of a triolet. With html code for transferring the triolet to your site and links to personality quizzes for other poetic forms. ...
  • Jónas Hallgrímssonin
    This Web site is intended to make, through interactive technology, a wide range of materials that will enable interested persons to familiarize themselves with the work of the Icelandic poet and natural scientist Jónas Hallgrímsson 18071845 and to ha ...
  • Poetry Workshop
    The two triolets by Charlie Rossiter with audio commentary by the poet. ...
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